My name is Tuija and I am the admin of this web site, which is a part of a Kone foundation funded research project “Intersecting Mobilities – Narratives of Migration and Belonging”. In the project, I study the experiences of mobile people and the reasons for moving and mobile life style.

Why do people move? What makes them feel at home? What does make them uncomfortable in new places? Where do people belong? What about the emotions mobile people experience? What about the experiences and feelings of those who do not want to or cannot move?

I ponder these questions also through my own experiences. As an ethnographer, I do fieldwork in several countries (Estonia, Spain, the Netherlands). My family – my husband Sami, daughter Iiris and son Aatos – accompany me on these field trips. They have agreed to share their feelings and experiences about being on the move. This broadened ethnographic (self-)observing I call oikoethnography (SEE… LINK).

On this web site, life stories of the people I have interviewed are published. In addition to the narratives written by me, also autobiographical fragments written by volunteers and photographs the participants of this study are published with their permission. Every now and then, also the experiences of our family about living abroad temporarily are published here. I hope you enjoy reading these life stories!

What is more, I welcome you to contribute and to share your own life story! Send me your life story, an autobiographical fragment, a memory, a picture, or contact me with e-mail tuija.saresma(at)jyu.fi so we can arrange an interview (face to face, via Skype or via e-mail).

All stories matter! Thanks in advance for sharing yours!