About ethnography

The conceptual innovation of oikoethnography is a new kind of ethnography, drawing from autoethnography (Ellis 2004) and collective biography (Gonick et al. 2011), highlighting the intersubjectivity of experiences. In oikoethnographical method, the emphasis is on the multi-sited experiences that the applicant and her family expose themselves to during months of fieldwork in various destinations. In […]


My name is Tuija and I am the admin of this web site, which is a part of a Kone foundation funded research project “Intersecting Mobilities – Narratives of Migration and Belonging”. In the project, I study the experiences of mobile people and the reasons for moving and mobile life style. Why do people move? […]

Jinyoung CHOI: My memories in Canada

I have lived in Vancouver, Canada for three years in elementary school (grade 5 to 7). My whole family, including my father, mother, older sister, and younger brother, all went, after a decision made by my father. He wanted to let my sister, brother and I learn English in a natural environment. The memories of […]